Damian Small


23 June 2024

HRL - Development Blog 5

I made some good progress this week, including getting the base web application developed. I decided to use Laravel 11, with MaryUI and Volt for the frontend which allowed me to get the frontend…

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18 June 2024

HRL - Development Blog 4

After hitting the roadblock of being unable to implement cURL, or other request libraries, and having to find a workaround, I thought of an okay-ish solution.Basically, we can't show a terminal…

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17 June 2024

HRL - Development Blog 3

It has been some time since I last touched this project, however after looking into some alternatives to hac2, I found Chimera which is a actively maintained mod, which has quite a lot of features.…

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4 February 2018

HRL - Development Blog 2

The development for this has hit a bit of a snag when I started on the client-side version.There are a few issues I have come across regarding hac2 optic.When there is only 1 player, the Lap Complete…

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2 February 2018

HRL - Development Blog 1

It's really a bit late to start this development blog, as the web app and server-side script are already complete, however I suppose I'll do a quick update in this first post.The development idea…

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